Loving. Preserving. Protecting. Handing down.

  • SC is the first European company which proposes a grading service for Multiple collectible goods.
  • Has defined and deposited, in collaboration with the best experts, SCALE of evaluation dedicated to singly identified fields. At the moment there are available: albums, little envelopes of figurines, comics, trading cards, shares, stock obligations, public debt obligations and postcards.
  • Goods are carefully inserted into on purpose realized handmade casings.
  • Identification labels detect the main informations concerning every single good and grant its safety.
  • Every certification is testified from an online tab which contains its relative high definition photographic record.
  • The tab of any graded good is accessible through the web portal by typing the alphanumerical code included with the label or by scanning its own QR code.

Senior Grader Comics Albums and Figurines

Comics Consultant

Senior Grader Trading Cards

Foto di Alex Witula

Shares Consultant

foto di Erik Rubbi

Illustrated Postcards Consultant

livio nappo

Restoration Expert